Monday, December 31, 2007

Doctor update

I went to the doctor's today for my weekly appointment and she said my blood work looked great and the baby got an 8 out of 8 on his biophysical sonogram. I have to go for another sono this week and go back to her next week. I am a little less swollen in face and legs/ankles/feet, but my hands are swollen; I can't win. The little one's heartbeat was strong and sounded good. I am trying to get things together for my sub and myself mentally.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

We have an escapee...

So sitting around in a chair with my feet up is growing old already!! This morning my brother stopped by with his dog and he was outside doing something. Manny wanted to go out but I told him he couldn't because he didn't have shoes on. Well he went and got his snow boots and was standing at the I thought. I asked my mom where he was and she said by the door so I went to check and he was no where in sight....he was down the driveway in his snow boots and pj's playing in the snow with his shovel. So there I go running after him in my pj's and slippers....and he just kept going. Yeah, so much for bed rest!!!

Here Manny is walking back in with my brother
Here he is having a fit because I took his boots off and made him come inside..

Uncle Chris took him back outside after I dressed him, to play and go for a snowmobile ride

Friday, December 28, 2007

Bed rest

I went to the doctor Wednesday for my monthly appointment and she told me I have to be on bed rest. I have preeclampsia or pregnancy induced hypertension. I only have 2 of the 4 signs, but it is enough for her to condemn me to the couch and bed. I did get permission to go to work next week for the 3 days to clean up my stuff, say good bye to the kids and get plans ready for a sub to take over. I am not mentally ready to stop working and laying on the couch and sitting in the chair these past 2 days has been rough. I do notice a difference already in the swelling of my ankles and feet though. I went and had a biophysical profile done on the baby this morning. I will have to have one of these done every week until I deliver, or she takes the baby. The lady doing the sonogram said he got an A+. His little diaphram was moving quite nicely, he's doing a good job practicing his breathing and she estimates him to arrive Feb 1 (14 days before my due date) because of the size he measures. She estimated him to be 5 lbs 4 oz or so. Now remember, they thought Manny was over 9 lbs and induced me only for him to be 7 lbs 15 oz, 4 days later. I take their measurements with a grain of salt.

What am I going to do all day? I need to find a hobby, quickly. It is hard to sit still all day right now, being home with a 2 year old. Daycare opens again next week and he will be back Mon.-Thurs. like has has been and still spending the day with Daddy on Fridays. I know not many people ready my blog, but for those of you who do, if you know someone who has been on bed rest before please ask them to visit my blog and leave me a comment with helpful hints. Thanks!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

We had a beautiful two days! We spent Christmas Eve day with Manny's mom and sister and kids and the kids had a lot of fun together. Christmas Eve we went out to dinner with my grandmother, aunt, uncle, parents, brother and sister-in-law. After dinner (which I was glad to be over, only because it is stressful to be out at a really nice restaurant with a 2 year old. He was well behaved and not too noisy, but I still worry the entire time.) we went back to my moms and opened gifts with them.

Christmas morning we had to wake Manny up at 8 o'clock because Taina had already been patiently waiting. Manny didn't really know what to expect or what to do when he saw the presents under the tree. Santa had wrapped Taina's gifts in princess paper and Manny's in Diego, so when he realized the Diego gifts were for him he would carefully take one at a time, bring it to the table, open it, show everyone, take it all in and then go for the next present. He got so wrapped up in his gifts that we had to remind him he had more; I guess that means he really didn't need everything he got! Taina's favorite gift was her American girl doll from grandma and Pop-Pop. Everything seems to be Manny's favorite toy.

Christmas afternoon my mom's brothers and sisters and my grandmother all get together at my moms and we do a big dinner and then more gifts. Manny didn't get a lot to open at this point because there really is/was nothing he needed. I told people to get him savings bonds or money to put into his savings account; this wasn't fun for him though. He had 2 presents and the rest were cards..he kept asking "Can I open more presents?" He was so good about it though, even though he didn't have anymore. I was happy to see him being patient and calm, and not throwing a fit for more.

My uncle thought his gift was funny.....thank goodness he forgot to buy batteries for it!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A look back at Manny

Being pregnant and very emotional I have been thinking and wondering whether our new little peanut will look like his brother. I took out old pictures today and wonder where all the time has gone! Manny is so big now, it is hard to remember him being this little. He is only 21 days old here and so sweet and innocent.
Will Baby Aviles (sorry I'm not giving his name away) have that same head of dark hair (when born...because Manny's is lighter now), will he have those same luscious lips, and soft

sweet smell? I can't wait to meet him, but I am not rushing it!

Here Manny is 2 months old and it is the day he was baptized. Yes, he had a little tux on. I can't wait to put it on peanut and have him baptized. Manny's hair started to have a wavy curl to it by now.

He's 2 days shy of 3months old here...he has always been such a happy, smiley baby!!!

Here is my little movie star. His hair was not easy to control.

Here Manny is taking a bath...I couldn't resist showing you this one. He had so much hair that it was easy to put it in a ponytail or curl it up like this. Last picture I promise. I have so many I could post for days...wish I had know about posting back then, I would have uploaded every picture of the thousand I have!!

Friday, December 14, 2007


At the tree lighting ceremony a couple of weekends ago the kids got to sit on Santa's lap and get a goody bag from him. Then we went inside the firehouse and had hot chocolate and cookies and cupcakes.

Last year Manny was so scared of Santa that he'd cry and go the opposite direction. I was afraid this year it would be worse...but I was wrong. We first saw Santa at Adam's and he sat next to him but didn't really say anything, just sat there looking at him. Then he was first in line at the tree lighting ceremony to sit on his lap.

He doesn't say anything to Santa as he sits on his lap, he just kinda sits there and looks at him. At home it's a different story. I like PBS because there are no commercials, but on Disney and any other channel everything he sees, he wants. "Mommy I want that!" Mommy I want that!" and so on and so on with every commercial. It doesn't matter what it is, he wants it. So I started to say "That would be nice" after each thing he "wants". He now says, "I want that be nice!" I just yes everything he says. The kid doesn't need anything; we could open a toy store with everything we have. Of course none of the cars or trucks have tires on them. He has this obsession with taking off every tire, no matter how hard it is and he chews on them and calls it his "gum". Now he's never had gum so I don't know where that assimilation came from.

He surprises me everyday though with what he knows. He saw a trumpet on one of my mother's carolers and told me, "That's a trumpet." His new phrase is also, "I LOVE my mommy, I LOVE my mommy..........." I love you too love bug!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our first snowstorm

We received our first real snowstorm today. They closed schools everywhere before it even started doing anything. I had plans to run to Walmart before the snow came and I never made it out early enough. The snow started at 9am and it's still snowing at 7:30 tonight. There is probably 9-10 inches out there. I took the kids out to play late this afternoon and they had a blast. Manny is at a fun age and is really enjoying everything this time of year. I have Santa pictures to post too...

They helped shovel the driveway, or should I say made more a mess that then had to be re- shoveled. Manny thought he'd be able to ride his bikes in the snow; that didn't work either.

I am hoping for no school again tomorrow. I love snow days and especially as I slow down here in my pregnancy, it is nice. I have 9 more weeks and am started to feel "huge". The kids are crazy in school with the holidays and the snow, so I'd rather not deal with them. The other part of me would rather have the "snow days" in the spring, that way it's less days I don't get paid for while on my maternity leave. Either way I guess I win.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sweet things

I am home "sick" today with Manny. I decided to keep him with me today to monitor his breathing. He has a cough and last night was really rough with breathing and wheezing. We had serious issues with this last winter so I didn't want to let it get away from us. I took him to the doctor and she said his lungs are clear, thank goodness. She gave me a new inhaler because the old one didn't seem to work. She also gave me prednazone for those emergencies when I can't get to her right away. I am glad he is not at that horrible point right now. I'll put him back on his allergy medicine and hopefully see improvement.

Yesterday was our anniversary and Manny (big) managed to spoil me yet again. We went out to dinner Sunday night because he works late all week. He started off the night by giving me diamond hoop earrings. They are absolutely beautiful!!! These are practical everyday small hoop ones and I love them! Then yesterday at work I get a delivery from edible arrangements...yummy!! I love the fruit, especially the white chocolate covered strawberries that re requests especially for me. To top it off he comes home last night from work with another gift....a Coach bag. He said he heard me mention the other day that I needed a new I would have settled for a Marshall's or Target special....but I am in love with my Coach bag!!! I love my husband and I love times like these when he spoils me. I did feel guilty though and told him he should have saved the bag for x-mas.