Monday, October 12, 2009

more apple/pumpkin picking with friends

Julian, extremely proud of himself for taking all of the pots
out of the drawer and climbing in

cheese :)

the pumpkin Manny wanted to take home...if you can carry it, you can have it

Taina and her friend Sean

Sunday, October 11, 2009

WWII planes

Manny took the boys to Stewart Airport today to see the World War II planes. The boys had a great time checking them out and walking through them. Mommy and Taina had a great time without the boys :) we went shopping!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

home sick

Julian and I were home last week because he had croup...not fun!! He needed treatments on the nebulizer every 4 hours and a 2nd treatment 2 times a day as a double dose, so a 20 min treatment. He just laid there on me each treatment and fell asleep, a sure sign he was really sick!! He also had to take prednazone...yup, that came right back at me...he spit every last drop right back out. He thankfully is much it's allergies and a cough, but he is responding to allergy meds and treatments. Here are a few pics from one of our 6 days stuck in the house :)

any toy, any size can be ridden


his new thing of squinting of the eyes

waiting for Manny to come home from school.....asked ALL day for Manny and Taina

big machines

Dad's friend brought some equipment to the house to deliver our new shed, thanks to Aunt Judy and Uncle Chip!!!! Julian had fun on the trailer and Manny LOVED his ride in the skid steer.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple picking at Herd's

The boys and I went to a birthday party at Herd's farm. They had such a great time playing in the sand, going on the hayride, taking a cow ride, and apple picking. I love that it was such a beautiful day, especially with Julian being home all last week with croup.

trying to get a pic with them both looking...doesn't ever happen

tire walking


loves, loves, loves the sandbox and "boy" toys

going on a "cow" ride

being a great big brother!!!!

my cutie

Julian, not too sure what to make of the hayride

picked up the first apple he saw to eat it

looking at his goods

everywhere he walked the apple was in his mouth

attempt #1


#3 Manny is FINALLY ready and Julian got tired of waiting

always with a face