Monday, November 23, 2009

Never a dull moment

Friday Manny came home from school unusually quiet and not argumentative.....first sign that he wasn't feeling well. He complained of being cold and was sneezing nonstop. I took his temp (100) and gave him Motrin. Twenty minutes later he was even hotter (102.8). I called the Dr, we agreed to watch him overnight and see how he was Sat. morning. I thought for sure this was the beginning of the flu..had my handy dandy chart in front of me trying to figure out which flu it was...seasonal or H1N1??

Sat am came and he only had 100 degree fever so the Dr. decided not to call in Tamiflu and to continue with Motrin and the Oscillococcinum that I ran out and got him started on Friday night. He was back to himself all day Sat and only had low grade fever that night.

Sunday was the same thing, except the runny nose caught up with him and the coughing started. He woke me up at midnight last night saying he needed a drink and a treatment. Sad when a 4 year old can tell you he needs a treatment.

Daddy took him to the Dr today and he has fluid in his right lung...pneumonia. He is on continued nebulizer treatments and prednisone and an antibiotic.

Please keep him in your prayers to get well soon and not be hospitalized like the last time he had pneumonia.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Julian was my monkey this year, and he is quite a monkey climbing on everything at home!! Manny wanted to be Spiderman. The weather was yucky, warm, but rainy. I decided we'd do the mall then hit up all of the family. Manny really enjoyed trick or treating this year and ate more candies last night than I care to think about. I'm sure he figured he'd never get the chance again, or even get his bag back so he'd better eat what he could. Julian didn't quite get the hang of holding his bag open and getting candy...he did say treat once in a while and snatched up any lollipop that was put in his bag. Overall the boys had a great night!!

J with his favorite blankie (has been since newborn)

his other fav thing

notice the lolli in his mouth (that was number 2)

teasing Ethan with his lolli (#3)

Manny LOVES to make Ethan laugh