Sunday, April 27, 2008

Manny's 3rd b-day parties

We had a party weekend (literally)!! Saturday Manny celebrated with his daycare friends at Chuck E. Cheese. He had such a great time playing games, running around, and dancing with Chuckie. From there we brought the kids to my mother in law and sister in law and they watched them so we could go to my cousin's house warming party. When we got home last night (pretty late) we let Manny in on a little get presents at a birthday party. He was clueless that he had gifts to open. (Note to self; this will end with this birthday, he will now know what to expect!) He opened all his great toys and of course wanted them all opened. He took a few to bed and woke Sunday morning waiting impatiently for someone to get the toys out of the ridiculous packaging. He also got a new corvette; his "big car". We have been wanting to get him one for a year now and finally decided he was big enough to know how to use it. This afternoon we had a family party for him with cupcakes and ice cream. As everyone was arriving Manny decided to help himself to a cupcake. I took this from him (after he only got a lick or two of the icing) and told him he had to wait. I went back to washing bottles and realized it was pretty quiet (if you've ever been to our house you know it's only quiet when Manny is A) Sleeping B) Not at home C) Up to no good ) You guessed it...."C" is the correct answer. I went looking for him, stopped by the cupcake arrangement and saw "ABC" still intact and the number 1. I knew he had eaten #2 or #3 already so where was that "other" number??? I looked and found him eating, I mean licking another cupcake. I so wish I had my camera with me at that moment because he was so cute when he saw me and knew he was caught. I had to laugh at him and let him have his 2nd cupcake (it is his birthday celebration you know). Yes, he did get that 3rd cupcake too and convinced my aunt to let him eat the icing on that too!! (Good thing this is only once a year!!)

Manny's new "ride"

Manny on the "snowbeeler" like his Pop Pop

Taina having fun at Chuck E. Cheese

playing games

His Elmo cupcake cake that he got into (the #s 1,2,3 were on the lower right like the ABC are)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Brotherly love

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Little Gym

Manny had a birthday party that he went to today at The Little Gym. Audrey from daycare turned 2. He had such a great time!!

This is his favorite blanket

Julian was trying to give Manny a kiss

I took this one with my phone

I love how...

I love how Julian's face fits perfectly in the curve of my neck....all snuggled up!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2 months old

I can't believe 2 months have passed already!! Julian is a beautiful baby (no I'm not biased). He has such long, strong fingers and long that I think of it his body seems long too. Maybe he'll be even taller than Manny (3' 6" and almost 3 yrs old) or his father (6'3"). It hasn't been the easiest first 2 months partly due to the fact that there is so much going on in our lives. We still aren't in our new house (that part has been a blessing most days because I've had my mother's help) and Manny is adjusting to not being "the baby" even though he'll always be "my baby" (this is where he'd say, "I'm not a baby, I A BOY!") The only "calmness" in our (J & me) lives is Mon-Thurs 8:30-3:30 (those are the hours everyone else is gone!) Evenings are quite stressful with dinner, homework, baths, books and bed. Julian usually gets so over stimulated that he can't fall asleep and then is miserable. We have had numerous nights of just non stop crying, kinda like colic except I don't believe he is colic. It's almost like he is over tired then can't get to sleep. Almost 5 times each night I will have J asleep and then M will drop a toy, or make a loud "vvrrroomm" noise or something of the sort and J's eyes are open again. It is very frustrating and stressful. There have been a few nights where both boys have been crying their eyes out (because no one was home to help out) and I just escaped downstairs for a few minutes for air. Being in our new home will be fabulous, but I am worried of how things will go with no extra hands!!

The stats from J's check up today are:
Weight: 14 lbs
Length: 23 in

The doctor called him a little butterball... He got 2 shots and is sleeping now. The doctor changed his formula; hopefully this will help put an end to the colic and hours on end of crying each night. We are headed to the allergist after lunch with Manny to have him tested to see what he is allergic to. From there we are off to pick Taina up at school to run the to surveyors office to get the piece of paper we need to get a final inspection (see here)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Feeding Time

This morning before Manny left for "school" he helped me feed Julian. He really is the sweetest, most awesome big brother I could have ever asked for. I was so afraid that he would be rough and jealous, being that he can be aggressive, but he is such the opposite. He kisses him nonstop, talks and plays with him and mimics my every phrase or conversation that I have with J. It is the cutest thing!! Taina is also a great helper. She will run and get whatever I need, sit and hold the pacifier in his mouth, and just hold him. I see a difference in her since J was born; almost more mature. It's nice to see her sweet and helpful with J, because with M she would pinch his feet and legs and purposely do not nice things.

On a side note, our family is going through a tough time; my sister in law had a miscarriage Tuesday. It is devastating to see them go through this and to know I will never know that niece or nephew. It took them a while to get pregnant that we were all ecstatic when we found out they were expecting. I think what makes it tough to swallow is that they were a week away from the second trimester, and the thoughts that they would be "safe". Please keep them in your prayers as they heal through this tough time.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sleeping Angel

Brotherly love...I had Julian's outfit unbuttoned so it makes him look big and puffy.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My happy boy (most of the day)

I attempted to capture pictures of Julian smiling....not difficult to get him to do, just hard to get the picture...with a million pre-flashes for red eye. By the time the actual picture was taken he had stopped his smile.

(Yes, that's a double chin)

(I think his new nickname will be Cheeks)