Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sleeping beauty

Julian fell asleep against Daddy

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas morning

Here are a few shots of Christmas morning at home before heading out for the day. We went to Manny's sister's house and spent time with my nephews and mother in law and from there we went to my grandmother's (maternal) and had dinner and gifts with all 30 or however many of us there are... Julian crashed in his pack n play before the night was over. We'll get him back into his routine within the next few days!

Grandma came by to watch the kids open was quiet at

their house this year without us there

Manny came downstairs expecting to see Santa and this
was his expression when he didn't see him

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has always been spent with my parents, brother (and now sister in law), my dad's sister and husband and my grandmother. The tradition remains, with a few slight changes in the past few years. We've gone out to eat the last few years (this year was the first I didn't bring my children....and it was enjoyable) and this year we all came back to our house for dessert and gifts. Julian was still awake to my surprise when we got home from dinner and enjoyed opening gifts, or should I say eating the wrapping paper and playing with gift bags and bows. This was Julian's first Christmas and he was clueless, as we all expected.

Taina with her new Tinkerbell movie
Manny in his wagon...which he wanted everyone to pull him in around the house

Julian enjoying the bag...not the stuffed animal that was in it

(Great) Grandma looking at the ornament we made her....a finger
from each of us turned into snowmen

Pop Pop and Julian

Interior designer

So Manny has been helping me decorate for his decorations?!?!?!

Mission Impossible!!

This is what you get when you try and have 3 children pose for a picture....funny faces, fake smiles, one not looking and the other 2 perfect (or semi perfect)....I can't choose which one is the better of the 5....HELP!!!

My boys

I love these two so much. I never knew what it felt like to love someone (both boys in this case) so much and in the way I do....I would do anything for them. I love my husband's just a different kinda love. I had heard you never knew a mother's love until you are a mother and boy is this true!!!
(I know Julian has a dirty shirt...he had just finished dinner....and the reflux is still an issue every now and then....but I love the photo;which any photo with the two together and decent is rare!!!!)

Julian loves the bath

Julian LOVES to take a bath. After dinner I tell him we are gonna go take a bath and he walks to the bathroom and bangs on the tub until I get there. He is fascinated with the water coming out and thinks it's the funniest thing when he splashes.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Entertainment Center

We finally got an entertainment center for the living room and got the TV off the floor....I LOVE it and have to finish filling it!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Julian walking at 9 1/2 months

This is just a short video I captured of Julian walking....every time he is on the go non stop I never have the camera!! You'll just have to stop by to see him in action.

Ice storm

The ice quickly melted yesterday, but I captured a few shots of what it looked like around us. Manny had gone out yesterday morning and he said the only ice he saw was where we live, on top of a hill. Once you left our road and went down either side of the hill.....there was no ice!! It fugures we had it worse, the wind is ALWAYS horrible here. I have 2 x-mas trees on the front porch and I must pick them up 5 times a day. Here are a few shots of the lot next door.....

Friday, December 12, 2008


What a night we storm=no power. I had gotten up at midnight to feed Julian and no sooner had I opened the microwave door to take out the bottle (yes this is how I warm it up) and the power went out. I put Julian back in his crib after the bottle and tried to make sure everyone was snug because I knew it would get cold, and who knew when the power would come back on!
Julian woke back up at 4:45am and he must have been cold...he doesn't believe in blankets. We've been up playing since then.

Thankfully the power came back on about 8am....and things are toasty in here now!!

Julian playing with cars Making a mess

Look at his hair....the color, the waves....I LOVE IT!!!

scrunching up his nose is his new thing

Here is is laughing at me because I told him "NO!"! He was pulling at the computer wires and thought it was the funniest thing when I told him not to do it.

Again, laughing at mommy

I want to take the boys to the mall and see Santa today....maybe I'll make it to Picture People and get a x-mas shot done of Julian in his Santa outfit.....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

9 month update

So I realized I never did a 9 month post for Julian. At his well baby checkup he was 21 lbs. 5 oz and 28 1/2 in long. I believe he was in the 50th percentile for both. It really wasn't a well check up though because he was sick with 103 temp for 4 days and a sinus infection.

At 9 months Julian is able to climb up an entire set of stairs (yup he's very proud of himself). He is also walking from one side of the room to the other and does not give up. (video to follow, I promise!!) I love listening to him "talk". He babbles nonstop with dadadadada and mamamamama and bababababa and is usually very happy.

Let the fun begin, now that he will REALLY be into everything!!