Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bahamas and Manny's 30th b-day

I planned a surprise trip for Manny and I to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. I didn't keep the surprise all that long. My mom kept the kids and we were off. We left early Friday morning and flew out of JFK. When we landed in Miami we got a cab to go to the port. Our cab driver was rude and obnoxious and yelled at us because we didn't know which terminal we were going to at the port (after talking to others no one knew which terminal, they just looked for the Royal Caribbean boat like we did). The boat was huge and beautiful. There were many things to do on board and tons when we docked at ports.

The first full day was spent at CoCo Cay, the cruise line's private beach. There was not much on the island besides the activities and buildings that were there for us to use (which was alot).

Here we are on the ferry boat to the island
Our ship, Majesty of the Sea
CoCo Cay Island

Us in the lounge on the 14th floor over looking everything (the ship decks below, the ocean, the island)
On Sunday we docked in Nassau Bahamas and we took a tour of the island with a local taxi driver. He was so informative and showed us so much. Here I am in front of the fort on the island (there was a little flea market set up near by of the locals that we shopped at)
He took us to Atlantis Hotel....OMG!!!
The aquarium at the Atlantis Hotel

A million dollar piece of art in the casino
Another from the same artist
Us at dinner on our last night (also Manny's b-day)
Us in the Chorus Line Theater ready to see the juggling comedian our last night

Awesome trip, we really enjoyed being together. It was nice to stay up late with other adults and not have to get up and feed the baby or get up at 6 am each day. We really missed the boys though and were glad to get home. Four days was long enough!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6 month check up

Julian had his 6 month check up yesterday and his doctor was extremely pleased with his growth. He is 19 lbs 10 oz (I guessed 19 lbs before they weighed him) and he is 27 1/4 in long. He is in the 75 percentile for both so she said he is perfect!! He is sitting, mostly without support, and she loves that he found his voice!! He had two shots (we are behind on the shot schedule). I've been having her give him only two shots at a time. We'll catch up when there is an age of no shots. He has been sleeping through the night last two nights (7-6 and 6-5) I'll take that.

We leave for our cruise in 2 days...YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Julian has found his voice...happy 6th month birthday baby. Yesterday Julian turned 6 months. I can't believe a half a year has gone by already. We went to my cousin's wife's baby shower and Julian was such a good boy. Everywhere we go lately everyone tells me what a good baby I have. Weeellll, I think that all changed last night. Julian was playing with toys on the floor and let out a squeal of delight. He looked around then tried it again, and again, and again, and again......Manny and I couldn't help but laugh at him. Then the laughing screams turned to angry screams....not funny anymore!! Today I've heard alot of whining with screaming right after...oh no, I think something was started and it's not good. I prayed A LOT that he would be a quiet baby because the three year old is NOT QUIET EVER!! Some of that has to do with tubes in his ears that aren't working, we are also having to question his hearing in general. He failed his hearing test in one ear in the hospital before we were discharged. We had him retested and he passed, we've thought nothing of it ever since. I took Manny for a hearing test but after 40 min he had had enough and stopped participating. I would like another test done in the near future to determine whether or not there is a hearing problem.

Taina is watching "Clique Girls" on Music Choice on demand in the background and they are giving fashion tips for back to school. Taina told me to pay attention...yeah okay. They first told her to wear pink lip gloss...uummm sorry you are eight and not wearing lip gloss to school; I don't care if other girls do. Bright colors and low top sneakers are what's cool. Then they said to wear your hair down; don't dare to wear it up. Taina's reaction as said to the tv "Yeah right, do you want me to get lice from leaving my hair down!?!" UUMM that would be the teacher in me who has seen numerous cases of lice with students. I've conditioned her to understand the hair goes up or back. Special occasions (picture day and that's about it) your hair can stay down. You can also wear it down on Sat and Sun....not never!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


This is how tired Manny was, that he laid down on the steps and fell asleep. Grandma had been at our house and Manny wanted to leave with her but couldn't...this is where he ended up after crying for her out the front door.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Please go to my blog on our house building process and vote for your favorite look of curtains....I can't decide!!


Vote here

Sunday, August 10, 2008

House updates

For any of you who followed along with us while we built our house I have updated that blog. Nothing too exciting, but a little more of making it a home, instead of just a house. I have also hung up some pictures (I love seeing the ones of Manny when he was little). I realize now how obsessed I was with having his picture taken...I should have bought stock in Picture People. Julian, mommy does love you even though you have only been once for your pictures and you are almost 6 months old. Manny had 4 photo shoots at this stage in life....poor second child. I'll make up for it, don't you worry.

Here you are sleeping tonight....so sweet (especially since you go to sleep at 6:30....it makes it okay that you get up at 6:30 am)
Yeah, I know, lots of hazards in his crib....he's the second kid, I don't worry. He rolls around and goes from one end of the crib to the other. I watch him in my video monitor so I know all night he is okay!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Scootin along

Julian has this new found skill. He has mastered sitting up and now scoots along on his butt where ever he wants to go or for whatever he wants to get. I can't remember Manny doing anything this early. Julian has been early for everything. He got his first teeth right when he hit 5 months and has always been strong and supported his neck. I'm sure he'll be walking quite soon. I am not ready for that. I want a baby and do not want to "baby proof" the house yet. I hate gates and locks on all doors. I can't believe Julian will be half a year old next Sunday, the time is flying by.

Phrase of the day

Manny wanted to go to Grandma's house....so after sounding like a broken recoding she took him with her. In the short car ride to Grandma's house Manny's conversation went as such:

Manny (sniff, sniff) "Grandma, I smell ice pops at your house!"

Grandma "You do?"

Manny "Yup, there's ice pops at your house.

Last weekend my aunt came to visit and she brought a box of ice pops for the kids. Manny didn't see her come in and didn't see her bring the ice pops. We were downstairs playing and Manny said, "I smell ice pops." I asked, "What do ice pops smell like?" He replied, " Cold, yummy ice pops." Oh yeah, silly me. Hey, maybe the kid has a "sixth sense" for ice pops!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day at the park

We met Lucille and her kids at the park this morning and the kids had a great time, even Julian!!

Gabriella (she'll be 1 this month)

Manny hopped on with the bigger kids
Julian loved the swings
Julian and Gabs
Michael and Manny played soooo nicely together, not one argument or disagreement; it was VERY nice to see! See you guys next Wed. for our play date.

Our week at home

There has been no daycare this week and although I was dreading it, it hasn't been bad at all. Here is my precious baby hanging out in his bouncy seat
Done eating his grub
Easter in August....discounted Easter baskets are great to pick up on clearance and save for a "rainy" day (without the rain). He was entertained all afternoon.
Julian gets excited with all of his toys and Manny especially

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Best Friends

Manny: Mommy, you're my BEST friend

Me: I am? I love you!!

Manny: I love you too, tell all the peoples!

So peoples, I've let you know I am my son's best friend and I hope it stays that way forever!!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sittin up like a big boy

Here we are balancing ourself

A smile for Momma

Whining because Mommy won't pick him up

Haha...Manny is napping so I can play with his toys

Sunday's progress

Everything we've done in building the house can be found here but seeing that this is the blog I write on all the time I decided to update here. Yesterday Taina helped to bring the last of the boxes up to the attic and we got one half of the garage cleaned out. There are still a few last things that need to go to Dad's or else where, but for the most part it looks so much better. I am looking forward to the garage door opener being put on and parking in the garage. Of course Manny informed me that my truck may not fit in the garage. And you talked me into getting a Yukon XL WHY? Get me a car that fits in the garage!!!

This was a gift from my grandmother that we found in an antique shop. I am so excited to sand it down and paint it the same white as the trim in the dining room; no, not me silly, my mom will paint it. If it's up to me it will never get done. I can't get too much accomplished in that way with the 3 year old who wants to help and the 5 month old whose attention span isn't that long.
I can't wait to get it done and in to the dining room to put my china away!!

My few last things that need to be done before going back to work Sept 2 are:
1. entertainment center for living room
2. paint exterior doors
3. hang curtains (I at least ordered them)
4. get pictures on the wall (I started last night)