Friday, May 30, 2008


Manny is finally settling into the new house. We do need deadbolts on ALL doors because he walks outside whenever he feels the need. I could be upstairs with the baby or cooking and he and Taina are downstairs playing...I hear the garage door open and I know who it is. Carl has been finishing the excavating and Manny loves to watch "Cahwl". The second picture is Manny (yes those are his "obnoxious" boots for playing in the dirt) watching Carl outside. I can't wait to have a lawn for the kids to play on!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Locked in

Yesterday after lunch it was time for Little Manny to take a nap. I had him go potty and of course he needed Daddy to come with him (or whoever is around at the time). After not going Manny (big) brought him into his room to put a pull up on him and I was already in there with Julian pacing to get him to sleep. Each of us (grownups) were busy and no one payed attention to Little M until we heard him lock and close his door. Yes, the lock is on the outside, facing the hallway b/c he will lock himself in sometimes and we can't get to him. So as soon as we hear the click my husband starts flipping out. He's screaming and yelling and panicking talking about breaking the door down. What am I doing the whole time you may ask....laughing. I thought/think it is the funniest thing. Oh, side note to this...the Sears guy was scheduled to arrive anytime to fix our dryer (that's a whole other story) So of course there is no phone in the bedroom, what 3 year old talks on the phone, or needs to? I don't have my cell phone on me because I don't walk around the house with it....but of course Daddy had his on his hip. I asked, about 50 times for him to give me his phone, all the while he is yelling and lecturing. I called my Dad of course because he still has a key to finish up working here, but his phone goes right to voice mail...5 times. I left a message the last time then called my mom. She had no clue where Dad was so she offered to come and let us out (thank god Manny had been outside and left the big garage door unlocked....uuuummmm was the door into the house from the garage unlocked? He thought so. While we are patiently (some of us) waiting for Mom the Sears guy calls Manny to tell him he'd be there in about 10 minutes. Ok...who would arrive first? Little Manny this whole time thought it was the greatest thing and was laughing and playing....who wants to take a nap when everyone is hanging out in his room?!? Grandma arrived first, with the Sears guy right behind her, and Dad right behind him. Thanks for a GREAT laugh Little Manny. I love you!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My little man

I can't believe my Julian will be three months old this Saturday. I can't believe that I have to go back to work next Monday. I am sooooo sad that I have to leave my baby and sad that I will miss him doing things for the first time (just like I missed some of them with Manny.) My only hope is that Michelle doesn't tell me when he does something, and lets me experience it "for the first time". Julian discovered his hands a couple of weeks ago and chomps away on them all the time. He has also grown to love a certain blanket and can't sleep, eat, or be calm without it. It needs to be washed desperately but I can't find a reasonable time to do so. He laughs and smiles and talks with me all the time. He can be in the arms of someone else and when he hears my voice he looks for me or waits for me to come to him. I love being his mother and can't wait to see what each day brings.

Taina's 1st Communion 5-10-08

Monday, May 12, 2008

More of Julian

Julian's Baptism 5-4-08

Julian's godparents (Chris and Caitlin)Mom, Dad and Julian
Julian's Great Grandmas
Our Family
My cousin also had her son baptized the same day...same outfit too (Julian wore Manny's from 3 years ago...memories!!!!!)