Monday, June 30, 2008

No new answers...but that is a positive thing

Julian had his ultrasound today on his abdomen. We are trying to find an answer to the reflux and spitting up. The ultrasound showed that the blockage he has from his esophagus to his stomach is not enough (3.3-his was at the most 2.5) to worry about at this time. The radiologist said that we may have to bring him in again and have it done in a month or so to check again. So, I am happy that there is no blockage right now (blockage=possible surgery) but frustrated because I still have no answers to help Julian. At this point I am trying new bottles. I would like to alleviate all problems he seems to be having.

Julian is also teething big time!! He is gnawing on everything and drooling like crazy. He is in quite a bit of pain.

I am glad to be done with school for 9 weeks or so. I have quite a bit of unpacking, organizing, cleaning out, and decorating to do. The first things on my list are: 1. organize attic 2. clean out garage 3. buy curtains!!!

Oh well let me go get a few things done while Julian sleeps.

Monday, June 23, 2008

4 months old

My dear Julian,

I can't believe you are 4 months old already, where is the time going? You are finally such a happy baby....being that we finally got your colic and reflux figured out. You smile at silly faces, noises, and anything Mommy does. At this stage in life you only have eyes for Mommy (and I'm lovin it!!) You are now 16 lbs 12 oz and 26 1/2 in, much smaller than your brother at this age (well not in length, but about 4 lbs lighter). You eat rice cereal (not a huge fan) but you did enjoy the applesauce I mixed with it tonight!! I love you my big, bright eyed (hopefully will keep those green eyes) boy.
all my love always,

Sunday, June 8, 2008

First taste of cereal

Julian has had so many issues since birth with formula and colic and reflux. We switched from similac advance to isomil (soy) and he flat out refused to drink it. I then tried sensitive and he drank that but the problems didn't go away. I then tried mixing soy and sensitive to get to 100% soy and we didn't get all the way through that because Julian stopped drinking bottles all together. He is now on a hypoallergenic aka VERY EXPENSIVE formula. The positive here though is that all of the colic symptoms are GONE!!! No more pain from gas and no more hours of crying. He still will only take a 2-4oz bottle, every two hours or so. The doctor also has me trying cereal in every bottle and spoon fed cereal 2x day to see if that helps with the reflux, so far no good. Today alone we went through 5 outfit changes and 2 baths because he gets all wet and gross. I tired him out feeding him (smile)

Julian loves to sit up

Play time

I am way behind on blogging....Julian LOVES the exersaucer and Manny loves to "help" him play.