Saturday, January 31, 2009

Outside fun

The kids had a great time playing outside with a few others from across the street. Don't mind the blurriness...I was taking the pics from inside through the window w/screen. I was stuck inside with Julian, on one of his many sick days lately.

Julian thinks he's funny taking everything out of the drawers

What a week..

my poor Julian has had. It started with the fever and double ear infection. On the third day of giving him his antibiotic he started with diarrhea and his poor little butt was sore. On Thursday he was having nasty diapers every 2 hours and was keeping nothing in him. I started pedialite and even that went right through him. Yesterday we stopped the meds and tried to follow the BRAT diet with him all day with a teaspoon of pedialite every 15 minutes...this didn't seem to do much. His doctor feared we would have to take him to the emergency room last night for an IV. Miraculously (I think so anyway) his diarrhea has disappeared and he has had only wet diapers since 5 pm Friday night.
After talking with my sister in law (the doctor also wondered this) thinking Julian may have had an allergic reaction to the meds. My poor little guy has been through so much...starting in the womb. I think he is going to be my sensitive one with whom we need to watch everything he eats and drinks. He goes for allergy testing for milk in 2 weeks. Please keep him in your thoughts until he is 100% better. He is not out of the clear yet because he was only on meds for 4 days; his ear infection is not gone....we'll see what happens.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Is anyone else as addicted to Facebook as I am? I love to go on and see what people are up to...especially ones I haven't seen in 15 years since HS. I've even begun to plan a 15 year reunion just so we can all catch up....I like to stalk their pictures and find new friends off of their friend about you...what do you do when on facebook?

Day of sickness and fun

Manny enjoyed playing with moon sand...I didn't enjoy cleaning up after themTaina helping Manny to create a farm

Eat or decide

Julian with his his boo boo from daycare

Sick boy....again

Saturday night, not long after putting him down for bed, Julian was awake. He will usually get up 4-5 hours after going down, but this was like an hour after going down. He was up hanging out with Daddy and I until we were falling asleep and he reluctantly went back into the crib. A short time later he was up again...not wanting bottles any of these times. I knew something was wrong, just didn't quite know what. Last time Julian was sick he slept and slept....ear infection crossed my mind seeing as how we are an old pro with these with Manny. Julian spiked a fever Sunday morning at 104, but it quickly responded to the motrin (thankfully)! He then proceeded to have a runny nose and just wasn't acting like himself. I stayed home Monday and brought him to the doctors....double ear infection. He is now on meds and acting more like himself. The only drawback to the antibiotic are the nasty diapers that come with it. The doctor suggested yogurt...but he doesn't tolerate dairy well. I did try giving him a little, and we were good for 90 minutes....until he wanted a bottle before nap. AS soon as he took a was over...literally all over me and his stuffed animals YUCK!!!! That is his next trip to the doctors....allergist to be exact. We have to have skin testing done to see if he is allergic to dairy or soy or whatever other milk products there are. This stems from his being on hypoallergenic formula since he was 4 months old. I've tried soy formula recently and he didn't do well with it. We know from experience he doesn't tolerate dairy well. Hopefully we'll then know what to do with him when he turns one next month....whole milk, soy milk, rice milk, goat milk...who knows....I just know this formula is expensive and killing our pockets....what will special milk do?

Friday, January 23, 2009

That melts my heart

Manny and Julian are so sweet together. When one gets up in the morning he instantly looks for the other. Julian will run all over the house looking for his brother and when he finds him he climbs on him, smiles and laughs with him; and they just enjoy one another. I am so happy that they are growing closer by the day...I wish for them to be best friends!! A while ago when they were being all "loving," I told Manny that seeing them like that "melts my heart"! Well, I've said a few times since them when they were being sweet with each other. Last week I was putting on Manny's sneakers so he could run to the store with me. He said to me, "I love you mommy"! (for the 100th time that day) and I said, "I love you too"! He then responded, "NO! Tell me, that melts my heart." You do melt my heart Manny, everyday!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Taina's family b-day party

In no particular order are photos from Taina's family b-day party was so nice to have the family at out house spending time!! I sat back at one point and looked around just watching everyone and it made me happy to watch everyone interacting and having a great time!

Manny and my nephew Caleo....they were taking turns with the weave or extentions..whatever it is

My handsome nephew, Niko

My cousin's wife Lexy and their son Ethan

Julian enjoying the wrapping paper

cake time

Julian and Pop

the kids

Julian playing with his big cousin Niko

Brotherly love

No, he's not going to eat him; he's giving kisses

okay, maybe he's gonna bite him here

Julian loved playing with his brother's toys the other morning without them being taken away..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Taina

Princess Taina is 9 years old today.....Happy Birthday!!!! Yes, that is a "0" in her cake. We didn't have a "9" and we haven't celebrated a birthday with candles in this new house, so all the candles were left at Grandma and Pop's house....she got to choose between "3 and 2"....We love you Na Na!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My sick boys

The past week has NOT been fun. Early last Monday (January first day back to work after 12 days off) Manny woke up crying that his ear hurt him....yup assumed yet another ear infection. Julian had started coughing the night before so I figured I'd take them to the Dr after work. Just as I thought double ear infection for Manny and Julian had a bad bronchial infection which would have turned into pneumonia had I not gone to the Dr that day. I was sent home with an antibiotic for each boy and nebulizer treatments for Julian as well as a few other things. Manny quickly went down hill and he developed a cough (his infamous always seem to get one cough) and we started treatments with him. By the end of the week neither of them had made much progress...fevers, runny nose, cough still deep and nasty...Manny upped his meds and started Prednazone and his next step was the emergency room. Julian finally made a turn for the better Sunday during the day or else his next step was prednazone. Let me tell you, it was NO picnic being stuck in the house with the two boys Saturday and Sunday and having to do nebulizer treatments on them both every 4 hours. All I can say is I was thankful to go back to work Monday and that they are both doing better!!!

Nap in the wagon

Julian loves the wagon, even being pulled around in the playroom (way too cold for outside now!!) He fell asleep during his very short "walk".

Manny took this picture the other morning as the sun was shining through the icy trees.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Julian and vacation is over!

I have enjoyed this vacation, more than any recently. I've enjoyed spending time with the kids (even Manny has been enjoyable and his behavior is improving. Maybe it's with age or the fact that he really is learning at school).
I have a couple of big snowmen set up at the landing of the stairs and Julian stands and sits at the top of the stairs at the gate talking to them. I had to move them there because he was pulling at their noses and pulling them down the hallway by their cute!!!!

(I love this one of his excitement at the Christmas tree!!)

Julian though was so much fun to be with and amazes me with all he does. He can quickly climb the entire set of stairs, but doesn't know how to get down them yet!! In a matter of a few weeks he has gone from walking very cautiously to practically running after his big brother and sister. He does this cute dance with his feet and for some reason likes to shake his head back and forth a few times. When he wants something he takes his hand and motions for me to come to him or whatever it is he wants. He is learning so much each day and really is such a good boy. He had an awesome time at this photo shoot

and wore me out because he kept running away from the prop so I had to chase him, get him posed again then he was off. He still does this dolphin noise and wrinkles up his nose to be cute. The bath is another love of his and he enjoys slashing mommy with the water. Julian is not a big cuddler...maybe this is my fault because I don't have the time like I did with Manny, or maybe it's that he sleeps in his own crib, unlike his big brother who slept in our bed the first year and a half of his life (who am I kidding...he still ends up in our room). Or maybe it's just who Julian is and he is one special little boy. I prayed for a laid back good baby and I received. God knew I had my hands full with the big two and he really blessed us with a calm and laid back little boy....his demeanor reminds me of my father at times. We joke with Big Manny saying that Lil Manny and Taina definitely take after him and Julian takes after me!!!

I love all three of you and thank you for letting me enjoy being with you guys these past 12 days!!!