Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 4th birthday Manny

I can't believe you are 4 seems like only yesterday I was holding you as my newborn son. You took my breath away the first time I held you and this love I feet for you has grown stronger and larger each day. You must tell me 25 times a day that you love me very much and as annoying as it can be hearing you say "Mommy" for the 200th time that day, when you tell me you love me it makes me quickly forget that I was thinking "what do you want now?". You are such a great big brother and the love you have for Julian is quite evident and even complete strangers have made the comment about loving your brother. You do like to argue or shall I say reason with me a little too much, but hey you are just like your many other ways too. You are going to preschool and everyone there loves you. As Sarah puts ARE the party. You have such a radiant smile and can make anyone feel better without even trying. As I look at you each day I see what an awesome boy you are turning out to be....a boy, I can't believe you aren't a baby anymore!! At least I have finally convinced you that me calling you "my baby" doesn't mean you are a baby. Happy Birthday Manny, I love you VERY much!!!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

The kids enjoyed getting up this morning and seeing what was in their Easter baskets. They only got 1 small chocolate bunny and a few toys. It seems though that whatever toy Julian gets, Manny wants it. Why is that? We went to my parent's for Easter dinner and the kids had a blast, as usual.

Julian and I with the grandmas (great-grandmas)

An attempt at a shot

Pop with Daddy and Julian (it was windy!!)

My little love

love it, love it, love it!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Manny is a champ

Manny's surgery went well. He was the 2nd one scheduled and seemed a little nervous, but showed me how strong he really is. He loved his cap they put on him for surgery...he loves animals. Our Dr. told me he didn't cry at all, was making them laugh and enjoying talking with them before they put him to sleep (by mask). Surgery lasted about 45 minutes and we saw him shortly after recovery and he was still sleepy. They brought him back upstairs to his room and within 2 hours he was back to himself. I had brought "special" toys that I picked up just for the hospital stay...hoping the newness would keep him entertained for the entire day and night....yeah my wishful thinking!! He watched tv, played and just enjoyed having mommy and daddy to himself. He had to stay overnight for observation, even though you could clearly see how "well and normal" he was.

Before being taken into the OR

After, up in room playing

Playing cars with Daddy
All throughout my preparing him I never mentioned the word hospital because I didn't want to bring back the bad memories of last years 3 day visit with pneumonia. I always said we were doing to Dr. D's "big" office for the tubes. Well, a couple hours after surgery he says to me "I've been here before. Well, not HERE in this bed before but in a different one in the hospital." His memory amazes me!!! We are all so happy Manny is recovering so well!!! Love you big boy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Our spring break is going too quickly and we have yet to feel "spring" this week. I can't believe it is flurrying outside today....I want warm weather!!!!!

My cousin Ryan and Ashley had their baby girl yesterday....welcome Brynlee Elizabeth, can't wait to meet you!! Brynlee is my grandmother's 9th great-grandchild....she has 14 grandchildren.

Manny goes in tomorrow for his surgery,,,2nd set of tubes and adenoids taken out. He has to stay overnight so they can monitor b/c of adenoids....he's not happy at all that he has to stay. I've been trying to prepare him, but it's not going well. I did not tell him it's at the hospital though because he has such strong feelings about staying there from when he had pneumonia last year and had to sleep in the "cage" or so it looked. He knows he is going to get another set of tubes put in his ears and is okay with that. I haven't waited to cause him too much anxiety so they rest of the procedure we will deal with as it comes. While he is under they will also do the blood work that we've needed from the endocronologist....I'll be glad to get those results. I picked up new matchbox cars, magic coloring pad, a go fish game and Candy Land...I figure they are new and will help to keep him occupied all day and into the night (I know I am hopeful)!! Please keep him in your thoughts.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A beautiful day

This is what I got the most pictures of....he is so fast and always on the go

Pop helping Julian in the trike

Pop, Grandma and J

Taina trying to get Julian to play ball

The 3 stooges enjoying the warm weather

more dr visits...I think I pay as much in copays a month as I do on our cell phone and cable bills

I've been to the doctor's the past two days....Manny and Julian both have double ear infections. Manny's is quite infected with one "bulging" as the dr. put it. Thankfully we caught it and have gotten him on meds because his surgery is scheduled for next week. Julian has his 3rd ear infection since January..hope he is not following in his big brother's footsteps....Here's to hoping I get more sleep tonight than I got last night :)