Friday, December 25, 2009


Santa came to our house, right after little Manny and I made cookies for him at 9:30 last night. :) The kids loved their gifts and there is another yet to come. We, along with my grandmother, parents and aunts and uncles who contributed, are getting the kids a swing set/playground set once the weather gets nicer. They have so much to begin with and get so many gifts from the huge family we have, that I decided this year to ask for everyone to contribute to the play set instead of trying to come up with enough ideas. Worked perfectly!!

Julian on Manny's new big wheels

J's new 4 wheeler

Taina so excited to get her keyboard

Manny LOVES helicopters

Manny "helping" but really checking out what new toy J got that he wants to play with

Took him a while to open his gifts...he was loving his 4 wheeler

Daddy playing with Taina

J standing on Manny's big wheel to play Taina's keyboard

his smile after I caught him red handed
I LOVE this smile Julian has!!