Sunday, February 28, 2010


February was full of more birthdays and LOTS of snow!! Julian turned 2! WOW!! He is talking so much and doing everything his big brother and sister are doing. All of the kids enjoyed the snow....but 6 days stuck inside with them was enough for me!! Unfortunately we used all of our snow days so we owe 2 back on Spring break :(

Julian showing he's "2 old years" as he says it

Sunday, January 31, 2010


January was a busy month full of birthdays and parties. Taina turned 10, we went to 5 different friend's parties and we celebrated Grandma's 90th birthday a few days early. It was great to see all of the cousins and their children and Grandma get to celebrate with everyone who loves her!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009


My conversation with Julian (22 months) tonight

Me: Julian, your stinky...come on and let me change your diaper.

Julian: NO, cologne, no diapie. (and he ran and pointed to the cologne I have in my room for he and Manny)

Julian has learned at a young age how to "look" and smell good. Every morning he has me "do" his hair and wants a squirt of cologne before we leave.


Julian has not wanted to take naps for me since he climbed out of his crib and we turned it into a bed. When it comes time for a nap, and he even tells me he's tired, I try to take him to bed and he climbs out. Today he continued to climb out so I left him out and we went downstairs to play. He took his blankie, sat on his 4 wheeler, and fell asleep. When I tried moving him to his bed he woke up and had a fit!! I should have just left him on his 4 wheeler. :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Evening

So I was pretty much done taking pictures at this point...we went to my grandmother's for dessert and presents. The kids slept the way there and got a burst of energy when we arrived. There were so many of us (30 maybe??) that it was too hectic to try and help Julian open his gifts and watch the other 2 open theirs and try to take pictures that I gave up. The few I took were after gifts were all said and done.

Grandma (will be 90 in February)

Pop and Julian (J loves his grandpas!!)


Madeline was not a happy camper..she was so tired at this point

Christmas Afternoon

We spent Christmas afternoon with Manny's dad (here visiting from Puerto Rico),mom and sister, hubby and kids. Our kids had a great time playing with their cousins and my sister in law cooked a delicious meal!!

Julian couldn't get enough of his Grandpa


Big and Little


Grandma Lily and boys

Jay Jay and Grandpa

this cake is yummy!!


Santa came to our house, right after little Manny and I made cookies for him at 9:30 last night. :) The kids loved their gifts and there is another yet to come. We, along with my grandmother, parents and aunts and uncles who contributed, are getting the kids a swing set/playground set once the weather gets nicer. They have so much to begin with and get so many gifts from the huge family we have, that I decided this year to ask for everyone to contribute to the play set instead of trying to come up with enough ideas. Worked perfectly!!

Julian on Manny's new big wheels

J's new 4 wheeler

Taina so excited to get her keyboard

Manny LOVES helicopters

Manny "helping" but really checking out what new toy J got that he wants to play with

Took him a while to open his gifts...he was loving his 4 wheeler

Daddy playing with Taina

J standing on Manny's big wheel to play Taina's keyboard

his smile after I caught him red handed
I LOVE this smile Julian has!!